“Imaginarium – Where Imagination Comes to Life”

At Imaginarium, we curate the best music for the best audience.

We change the way people listen to live music. We offer an experience like no other, leaving a lasting impression for those who visit us.

But more than good music, Imaginarium provides a relaxed and chilled setting for serious business exchanges.

It is a space for important conversations to happen. It is a space for you to network with people out of your social circle.

It is a space where entrepreneurs gather after a long day.

You never know, you might just meet a potential collaborator over a drink. Throw in a mix of jazz, and anything can happen.

Our music programmes are meticulously curated by pop pop music, Malaysia’s Premier Boutique Chinese Jazz Music Label, as we believe in the highest level of vocal showmanship and musicianship.

At Imaginarium, we only showcase the best. Therefore, expect a stellar cast of renowned recording artistes and/or concert artistes from Malaysian and South East Asia.

For an ideal live music experience, we employ a full Bose high-end sound system combined with Audiophile Grade Pro-Audio from Malaysian maker Gecko Music.

They are carefully paired with acoustic treatments designed by renowned Hi-Fi Guru, Joseph Ki, and complemented by an analogue vinyl system for smooth background music playback.

We aspire to be an iconic Jazz Live House in Malaysia; one that provides outstanding live music performances with the best quality and aesthetics.